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My look

New search engine yang memberi kita pulangan dari setiap carian yang kita cari melaluinya. Daftar percuma...hmmm tak cuba tak tahu kan....mari kita cuba sama2.

Di bawah ini adalah maklumat tambahan petikan dari My look member's section:

MyLook is the new search engine "owned" by it's users. For each search that a user does through that user is rewarded with 1 "share" in MyLook. These are not shares that are on a stock exchange but shares as part of the real life game that is MyLook. When dividends are awarded you will receive a real life money payment for each share you hold in MyLook.
While MyLook has not put advertising on the site to start paying dividends out yet - it is now a great opportunity for users to start building up their shares in MyLook now. Why? Lots of shares are being handed out in the early stages, and it might be gradually more difficult to earn shares later especially when they are paying out dividends monthly. MyLook is a ground floor opportunity to get into a startup, without any financial investment on your behalf - you just simply need to use as a search service.
While it may be more difficult to get shares later on, once you own a share in Mylook it's yours - for good. You will keep getting dividend payments on it for the life of the site, or for as long as you remain an active user of MyLook.

So, apa lagi, mari kita cuba sama-sama....Klik link ini atau image di atas yer. Link nya My look.

~ يوس ~


  1. ramai blogger hajar tengok update pasal ni ;d

  2. maksu dah joined dah...tapi masih x paham apa2, esp bab payment ;)

  3. ana pun ade juga dpt mmg x fhm psl earn & payment. tp oleh krn free, register je lah

  4. hajar: tu ler...dpt dari kawan gak, kita pun tak berapa faham..cuba jer sbb free pun kan

    maksu: samalah....tak berapa fahm bab payment dia tu, tp why not give it a try..tak rugi apa pun sbb free registration kan

    ana: samalah kita..hihi


Ada apa-apa nak tambah silalah tinggalkan jejak yer..Terima Kasih.


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